WhatsApp For Android Meets Material Design! Here’re 5 UI Updates You’d Notice In Latest Version

Since the introduction of Material Design concept in the Google I/O 2014, Google has been busy updating its core or third party apps on both web and mobile platforms. With Google already launched Material Design update to its core products like Gmail (Inbox by Gmail)Google Search for Android phone anGoogle+ for Android phone, the tech giant has now rolled out the Material update to the WhatsApp on Android.  

Although this update is yet to be go live on Google Play store, the company has made it public that it will be rolling out next version update for WhatsApp on Android with Material Design.  

In the meantime, you can get an early preview at this update by downloading the latest build (V. 2.12.44) from the company’s official website 

What’s new in the box?

The latest version of WhatsApp for Android has lots of new, shiny UI updates and a couple of new features available for users to enjoy! An entire set of shiny, silk UI with a set of all fresh icons and a couple of other changes.

The latest version comes with a few noticeable, eye-catching changes while few are hard to find at first glimpse. Here are 5 major changes in the latest version:

  1. Updated top menu bar/taskbar:

An updated taskbar that accommodates Calls, Chats and Contacts tab altogether. The top taskbar also has a vertical three dots menu icon, compose icon and the search icon on the right, and the WhatsApp and its icon on the left side.


Updated emoji tray:

Although the all of the emojis (or emotcions) While the emoji icons remain the same, the background colour for the emoji tray (tray holding emojis) has a bit of update. The new version has a light grey shade coloured emoji tray.


  1. Chat bubble with a slightly modified pointer/arrow

The chat bubbles in the chat tab of the app is also updated. The new chat bubble’s pointer is little bit modified.


  1. Update to media uploader

Another thing you’d notice is the update to the media uploader. Just tap on the attachment icon in the chat tab, and you’ll see the grid view of options – Gallery, Photos, Video, Audio, Location, and Contact – popping up with transition. Their icons have also got a makeover with the background changed to the grey colour from the dark black in the previous version.


  1. Updated audio recording button

The audio recording button next to the message chat box is updated with green background colour making its presence more visual.


Your thoughts

What are your views on this new material update from Google? Have you got your hands on the new version yet? I’d love to have your thoughts shared with me!


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