Mozilla Revolutionizes Opensource Support System With Screen Sharing Feature For Real Time User Support

There is another great news for both Mozilla contributors and its cool users!

Mozilla – the world’s leading open source project and the brain behind world’s popular Firefox browser, is going to revolutionize the opensource support system with the experimental screen sharing feature to offer its users real time technical support for Firefox related issues.

Mozilla’s top SUMO (Support.Mozilla.Org) contributor Madalina announced in a Mozilla blog post that they are considering offering experimental screen sharing feature to their users to offer more precise, in time technical support for the high end issues that may otherwise take time to get resolved.

The screen sharing feature on SUMO forum will be available to selected senior-top contributors in coming days and will be on experimental basis while Mozilla monitor and determine the conclusion of the feature.

Mozilla had a heated discussion on weather to experiment this feature or not.

How Screen Sharing Will Work On SUMO Forum? 

Want to see how screen sharing feature might work for Firefox users? See this video.

(Originally published on Mozilla blog at Screen sharing experiment


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