WordPress.Com Turning 10; A Decade Of The Blogging Revolution!

The blogging powerhouse WordPress.com is turning 10 this year. What started as an alternative blogging platform in 2005 has today turned into internet’s mainstream, free blogging powerhouse with over two and half billion blog posts in over 137 languages worldwide, WordPress.com has become most favourite blogging tool for writers, artists, photographers and publishers to share their skills, arts, passion and insights & ideas.

In the first decade of its journey, there has been a series of fascinating milestones for the blogging platform.

Quick glimpse of WordPress.com’s first decade:

  • WordPress.com was opened for public in 2005.
  • 2.5 billion posts
  • Over 3 billion comments
  • 400 employess
  • 137 languages worldwide
  • Longest post ever published – 10+ million words to share with others
  • Longest title on a single WordPress.com post – 19,176 words
  • 2.3 billion support messages – between customers and happiness engineers
  • Large number of free and premium elegant themes and layouts to customize blogs.

The story before the birth

WordPress was started by its parent company Automattic. WordPress was started as an opensource project in 2003 and then WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg developed WordPress.com on the ground of WordPress.

Here’s a video by Automattic celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company and WordPress.com

(Content source: Celebrating 10 Years of WordPress.com & Automattic)


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