MDN Turns 10! A Decade of the Mozilla’s Open & Collaborative Web Learning Platform.

Mozilla’s open and collaborative web technologies learning platform – Mozilla Developer Network, widely known as MDN has just turned 10 and the journey for this open web learning platform has been just fascinating!

From basics to modern day technologies

Started 10 years ago as a mainstream, collaborating learning platform for the web developers around the world, MDN was initially aimed at teaching the basics of web development technologies – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but with the evolution of time and technologies and with Mozilla adopting and introducing new technologies and devices such as Firefox Addons and FirefoxOS, the MDN platform has broaden its offerings and has expanded the opportunities to learn Firefox OS Apps development, Firefox Addons development, HTML5 and many more.

Milestones throughtout the decade

  • 2005: Mozilla launched MDN by obtaining license from AOL. In early days, MDN was called MDC (Mozilla Developer Center) and was also known as “devmo”, shorthand for its domain:
  • 2010: Five years later, in 2010, Mozilla changed its name from MDC to MDN reflecting site’s growth into a nexus for all developer documentation pertaining to all things Mozilla and open webs.
  • 2011: Mozilla added a Demo Studio section on MDN for web developers to share and show off their code along with learning docs.
  • 2014: Mozilla added Learn the Web section on MDN for beginning web developers and also added a section of web terminology glossary.


Key Facts

  • Launched in 2005, today MDN is one of the richest resources on the web with over 34,500+ documents.
  • Today, MDN has about 4.2 million users per month.
  • So far, more than 20,000 contributors have made about 510,000 edits.
  • Every month, about 1000+ contributors edit documents on MDN.
  • MDN editors have created 13,200 English pages and made 21,200 translations in over 42 locales.
  • 142 HTML elements documented including all of the standard elements of HTML5.
  • 275 CSS properties have been documented on MDN covering 60+ CSS related specifications.
  • 300+ web terminologies published under MDN’s glossary section.
  • Over 90 articles have been published for absolute beginners and learners under the section Learn the Web.

Not just learning developer languages, MDN provides developer tools, too!

Apart from expanding its learning horizon to newer technologies, MDN has also introduced a set of tools to assist learning and experienced professional web developers to make their lives easy.

MDN’s tools like Page Inspector, Web Console and JavaScript Debugger are some of the most preferred web development and testing tools used by hundreds of thousands of developers across the globe.

Find out more about all of MDN’s developer tools.

MDN across the web




Events: MDN community events


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